HoleHead 2005 Audience Award Winners!!

The (Yet) Another Hole in the Head Audience Award for Best Short film goes to Drew Barnhardt's HERBIE!. Congratulations Drew, can't wait to see your first feature film.

Audience Award for Best Feature (Top 5)
Evil Aliens 4.7609
Godzilla: Final Wars 4.75
The Calamari Wrestler 4.5476
The Prodigy 4.5278
KatieBird: certifiable crazy person 4.5

Audience Award for Best HoleHead Short:
Herbie! 4.5

Remaining Hole Head Rankings:
Audition 4.4583
Immortal Ad Vitam 4.1803
Thrill Killers, The 4.08163
Dead Meat 3.7826
Evil Eyes (director's cut) 3.7667
Cold & Dark 3.7333
Waiting for the Man 3.5789
CL.one 3.4308
Kichiku Dai Enkai (Banquet of the Beasts)3.4242
Satan's Playground 3.4146
Kibakichi (Bakko Yokaiden Kibakichi)3.3846
Man with the Screaming Brain3.2424
All Souls Day/ Dia de Los Muertos3.2353
Human No More 2.8636

Congratulations to everyone!

A special thanks to our audience for helping make this years HoleHead the best ever!!


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