2004 SF IndieFest alum, THE HALFWAY HOUSE soon to be available on DVD

BV Entertertainment Announces DVD Release of THE HALFWAY HOUSE

North Hollywood, CA June 15, 2005
August 23, 2005, Skouras/Ventura will release
Kenneth J. Hall's horror/exploitation/comedy THE
on DVD, the first feature on BV
Entertainment's Fright Film Factory label. There
will be both an R-rated and an unrated director's
cut available at major rental and retail chains
throughout the US and Canada.

The movie has already attained a strong fan
following through festival screenings and received 4
1/2 out of 5 stars from Film Threat. Starring cult
RAOUL) as an evil nun, it satirizes drive-in cinema
from women-in-prison films to slasher flicks.


Both DVD versions will include a trailer and the
music video "Halfway to Hell" by Insecto Circus.
Both will be widescreen 1.85:1 and Dolby Digital 5.1
stereo surround sound. The unrated cut will include
additional features such as an audio commentary
track by writer/director Kenneth J. Hall and
producer Ed Polgardy, deleted scenes, and a
making-of documentary entitled "Gut-Eating Monsters
from Hell."

All copy; 2003-2004 BV Entertainment, Inc.
All rights reserved.



Cast and crew for KatieBird @HoleHead2005

We were blessed with a large contingency of filmmakers this year at the HoleHead fest.

Among them, the cast and crew of 'KatieBird Certifiable Crazy Person'

Thank you all filmmakers in attendance!!! It makes a world of difference when you're around to share your work with us.


HoleHead 2005 Audience Award Winners!!

The (Yet) Another Hole in the Head Audience Award for Best Short film goes to Drew Barnhardt's HERBIE!. Congratulations Drew, can't wait to see your first feature film.

Audience Award for Best Feature (Top 5)
Evil Aliens 4.7609
Godzilla: Final Wars 4.75
The Calamari Wrestler 4.5476
The Prodigy 4.5278
KatieBird: certifiable crazy person 4.5

Audience Award for Best HoleHead Short:
Herbie! 4.5

Remaining Hole Head Rankings:
Audition 4.4583
Immortal Ad Vitam 4.1803
Thrill Killers, The 4.08163
Dead Meat 3.7826
Evil Eyes (director's cut) 3.7667
Cold & Dark 3.7333
Waiting for the Man 3.5789
CL.one 3.4308
Kichiku Dai Enkai (Banquet of the Beasts)3.4242
Satan's Playground 3.4146
Kibakichi (Bakko Yokaiden Kibakichi)3.3846
Man with the Screaming Brain3.2424
All Souls Day/ Dia de Los Muertos3.2353
Human No More 2.8636

Congratulations to everyone!

A special thanks to our audience for helping make this years HoleHead the best ever!!


Bruce Campbell LIVE LIVE LIVE! Tues June 14 @The Balboa Theatre

Bruce Campbell returns to the Bay Area to promote his new book, 'Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way' and his horror-rific directorial debut, MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN

He'll be at the Balboa Theatre from 6pm onward.
For tix and further info, go to http://www.balboamovies.com/lounge/campbell_balboa.html

Don't miss this rare treat! You WILL regret it!!

'Made In Secret' returns to SF @The Red Vic

Made in Secret: The Story of the East Van Porn Collective returns to San Francisco this June 16-18 at The Red Vic Movie House.

THUR & FRI: 7:15, 9:15
SAT: 2:00, 4:00, 7:15, 9:15

"A no-budget doc of the highest order..."
Jason Lewis, FFWD Weekly

"Something of a minor miracle."
Tod Booth, SF Indie

More candid shots from HoleHead

Feeling lucky?
Originally uploaded by SF Indie Fest.
Holt Boggs, star of the film 'The Prodigy' [photo by Jeremy Katsen, director: 'All Souls Day:Dia De Los Muertos']

Special thanks to Eve Batey at SFist.com for kindly sharing this snapshot with us!!!
And, if you were among the lucky who had the opportunity to view this soon-to-be classic, visit THE PRODIGY page at imdb.com and leave your comments!

ATTENTION 2005 HoleHead attendees- submit your pics!!

We want your pics!

If you happened to take a snap or three during this years HoleHead festival, send them on over to nina at sfindie dot com

Make sure to include who is pictured and how you'd like photo credit to appear in our flickr page.

Thanks a bunch!!

HOLEHEAD Best Film & Event For Immediate Release

JAKE WEST'S EVIL ALIENS receives the award for Best Film at the 2005 (Yet) Another Hole in the Head Festival in San Francisco.
The film received a standing ovation at every screening, and a few people actually came to see all three screenings that week. West's phenomenal film would have won Best Comedy as well - if the Festival had a comedy category. www.jakewest.com

EVIL DEAD: LIVE! receives the award for Best Event at the 2005 (Yet) Another Hole in the Head Festival in San Francisco.
The gory, hilarious crowd-pleasing spectacle is a true labor-of-love. The final performance played to a packed house at the Victoria Theater. After the house lights came up (and the standing ovation died down) they anounced the next production - RE-ANIMATOR: LIVE! We can't wait. www.primitivescrewheads.com

The complete Audience Award rankings for every film will be posted soon.


Send in the Klowns

Send in the Klowns
Originally uploaded by SF Indie Fest.
Ropesy the Porn Clown shows his appreciation to writer/director Jake West prior to the last screening of his gore epic, 'Evil Aliens'

For more on Jake West, www.jakewest.com
For more on the Porn Clowns, www.pornclownposse.com

In the can : HoleHead 2005

HoleHead 2005 has been a resounding success.
Keep your eyes peeled for the audience award winners!!

A very special thanks to writer/director Jake West for being such a sport and sharing his film Evil Aliens!
Fresh off the Cannes film market and almost trapped in customs, San Francisco audiences delighted in one of goriest, funniest soon-to-be-classic horror a film!!

Update your bookmarks cuz the SFIndieFest blog has moved! Check in with us frequently for current IndieFest updates!!

See you at the movies!